Milford GeoTrail 2014


*** Please Note: As of Aug 10th 2014, ALL Geocoins are SOLD OUT ***

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Milford Ohio GeoTrail Info

We are pleased to share Milford Ohio USA with the global Geocaching Community! As of April 25th 2014 the Official Milford OH GeoTrail will launch with an initial 13 Geocache locations and 3 bonus locations. The official trail will include a mix of tradition cache hides, a Letterbox-Hybrid with offset, a multicache, and two simple puzzle caches. The addition caches will include an Earthcache, a Wherigo and a traditional with information about the GeoTrail and a nearby TB Hotel. (We have included a local benchmark as well!)

You can walk to complete this entire GeoTrail! However if you would like to reduce walking we would suggest driving to Milford C.F.D., Greenlawn Cemetery and historic Promont then completing the remaining portions of the GeoTrail after parking in downtown Milford on or near Main Street. This will also enable you to enjoy shopping, dining and exploring along the Downtown Main Street District!

*Please only complete the Geocaches on this trail during daylight hours.

Launch Day Events and Information

On May 3rd 2014, we invite you to enjoy a fun filled day of family friendly Geocaching in Milford OH! Feel free to spend the week before or the morning of the event completing the GeoTrail to earn your GeoCoin. Starting at 10am you will be able to stop at RRT on Main Street to register for the CITO and pick up gloves and bags to do any cleanup you would notice as your friend and family take to exploring the amazing town.

At 2pm we will group at MJ’s on Main for great food, fun and prizes! There will be a number of give-a-ways, chance to purchase the official GeoCoin if you have completed the PassPort and good social hangout time!

Following this we will gather together at Picture Party Place on Main Street to hold a birthday bash for Geocaching! On this day (May 3rd) in history, by presidential orders the Military flipped the proverbial blue switch to make civilian GPS as accurate as theirs leading to the first GPS Stash hide later being named..GEOCACHING!

(Excluding the Wherigo, most Geocachers could easily finish the Geocaches on the GeoTrail on the morning of the event, however if you work to complete the Wherigo first, you will be able to finish many of the Geocaches along the way!)

*The GEOCACHING BIRTHDAY BASH is an extra bonus event and is not part of the official launch party, however we encourage everyone to attend as it is a 2 minute walk away.

Milford Geocaches

The Milford GeoTrail is made up of 13 offiicial Geocache locations. In addition there is an “Info/TB Hotel” cache, Wherigo, Earthcache, featured Benchmark and launch events! The official GeoTrail’s 13 caches are comprised of 9 traditional, 1 Letterbox-Hybrid with Off-set, 2 Multi-caches, 1 Unknown/puzzle cache.

Milford GeoTrail:

Official GeoTrail Caches

Bonus caches


*The Events, Information Location, Wherigo, Earthcache and Benchmark is NOT required to complete the passport! These are extra “bonus” material available along the GeoTrail.

Lodging and Dining


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I finish this GeoTrail in a day?
    A: Yes! We have designed this to be completed within a couple hours at most so you can enjoy your stay around Milford!
  • Q: Can this be done via walking/biking or will I need to drive?
    A: This GeoTrail was designed to be completed by walking or bike riding! Car is NOT needed. However if you would like to reduce the amount of walking we would suggest only driving to the following locations: Milford C.F.D., Greenlawn Cemetary, Valley View Nature Preserve.
  • Q: How large of an area does this trail cover?
    A: ALL the caches can fit within a 0.75 mile radius circle! (We used the following coords to draw a circle around and check: N39.170434 W084.286202)
  • Q: Where should I park to work on this trail?
    A: We suggest anywhere around Downtown Milford, Main Street. Garfield Park. Milford Trail Head of the Little Miami Scenic Trail. Terrell Park. Carriage Way Park (not at the apartments, but the parking for the park on the back side.)
  • Q: What is available at the Information Station?
    A: This is a cache container with an attached tag with details. Next to you, you will find RRT, an outdoor fitters. Inside of RRT you will find Geocaching Brochures, Milford PassPorts, a container to swap swag and trackables and so much more! (Yes there is a bike rack!)
  • Q: What if I can not make the launch party?
    A: No problem! As we hope to fill Main Street full of Geocaches, we know not everyone can make it. Geocoins will be available on a first complete, first award situation. You can start working on your PassPort once the caches launch on April 25 up thought September 2014! IF GeoCoins run short, they will be mail out at no additional cost.
  • Q: What are the requirements for obtaining the GeoCoin?
    A: You must have completed the Milford GeoTrail PassPort. Coins will then be available at $3 per coin. (Price, rules and availability is subject to change.)
  • Q: What am I hunting?
    A: Here is a pic of the gear used! All containers are “MEGA Cache” containers! (unless noted in hint area that a temp container has been temporary placed.
    (Click here for image of all containers.)

Map of Milford GeoTrail

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Milford OH GeoTrail

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Milford GeoTrail 00 - Information (GC505F8): 39.173750, -84.295717
Milford GeoTrail 01 - Milford Fire Department (GC505FC): 39.172567, -84.273817
Milford GeoTrail 02 - Greenlawn Cemetery (GC505FH): 39.173000, -84.275333
Milford GeoTrail 03 - Garfield Park (GC505FM): 39.169650, -84.285067
Milford GeoTrail 04 - Valley View (GC505FT): 39.164667, -84.284233
Milford GeoTrail 05 - Terrell Park (GC505G0): 39.169867, -84.298377
Milford GeoTrail 06 - Little Miami Scenic Trail (GC505G4): 39.171350, -84.299767
Milford GeoTrail 07 - Long Stone Buildings (GC505G7): 39.172067, -84.296450
Milford GeoTrail 08 - Old Town Hall (GC505GB): 39.172317, -84.296117
Milford GeoTrail 09 - Row Houses (GC505GJ): 39.174150, -84.295733
Milford GeoTrail 10 - Critchell Park (GC505GR): 39.173983, -84.298350
Milford GeoTrail 11 - Indian Mound (GC505GV): 39.167367, -84.294283
Milford GeoTrail 12 - Promont (GC505H1): 39.177317, -84.279433
Milford GeoTrail 13 - Masonic Lodge (GC505H6): 39.172717, -84.297067
Milford GeoTrail b1 - Milford Urban Trail (GC505HJ): 39.179833, -84.290317
Milford GeoTrail b2 - Monument Stones at Greenlawn (GC5338G): 39.170917, -84.274033
Benchmark \'Welcome to Milford\' (JZ2776): 39.171383, -84.298616



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