December 13, 2016

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Welcome to the world of treasure hunting!

AFK’s goal is to share the art, history and culture of Greater Cincinnati through Geocaching! However not all geocache hiders are the same. Some will enjoy hiding them to teach about trees, or tree climbing. Some enjoy taking people out hiking or kayaking! We intend for our Geocaches to be a great introduction to Geocaching and get you to know the region a bit better so that you, your friends and your family can enjoy daily life without a TV or keyboard being a central focus point. (another great resource to learn about activities is 365Cincinnati)

With that being said, we would love to share some resources!

In addition to the above listed guides, we have developed a printable PDF brochure that is great to learn how to Geocache or to give out to introduce someone to Geocaching.  This brochure is designed for the AFK series around Greater Cincinnati and is available in printed format at the Visitor’s Center on Fountain Square as well as a number of other locations. The guide is designed for Android & iPhone use, however many Geocachers use handheld GPS devices! In fact Magellan has a handheld GPS devices dedicated to Geocaching! The device is the Magellan eXplorist GC.

We have also linked to 3 of the best YouTube videos that will help someone find their first Geocache. All 3 of these videos were made by

What is Geocaching?


 Beginner’s Guide to Finding a Geocache


 Geocaching’s App


Need to know..

  • Geocache : Single hide listed on
  • GeoSeries : A series of Geocaches that have something in common. Maybe all being presidential, quilt barn based, or part of the series going down US 127.
  • GeoTrail : This is the same as a GeoSeries but typically will be a bit more involved with a prize (GeoCoin) and/or a “Pass Port” sheet where that you have to fill out information of some sort and redeem.
  • GeoTour : This is a GeoTrail that has now become part of the full marketing plan on and entered into their global listing of GeoTour destinations!
  • Travel Bug/Trackable/GeoCoin : These are official trackable items that can be tracked on however it is good to know there are other trackables you could run into and get confused with. Always look for the required phrase “Trackable at”!
  • Pass Port : This is a printed booklet, sheet or brochure that will typically provide useful information or have places to write in information that you could collect during your GeoTrail/Tour experience.

*If you would like to incorporate any of these into your organization, feel free to contact us!

GeoLingo, GeoTerms, GeoSlang!

Almost makes you want to say pretty smurfy huh? In the Geocaching community we are not that geoobsessed however a number of things get the term “geo” added in-front of them. But to break down some commonly used terms:

  • BYOP : Bring Your Own Pen/Pencil.
  • CO : Cache Owner. This is a reference to the person who owns/operates/placed the Geocache.
  • DNF : Did Not Find.
  • FTF : First to Find. Denote being the first to find a new geocache.
  • Ground Zero (GZ) : The point where your GPS device shows that you have reached the cache location. At Ground Zero, you are zero feet (or zero meters) away from your destination.
  • PAF : Phone-A-Friend. Many Geocaching communities have a phone-a-friend list that is available to known Geocachers.
  • SWAG : ‘Stuff We All Get.” It includes the trade items left in caches by geocachers.
  • TFTC : Thanks For The Cache.
  • TFTH : Thanks For The Hide
  • TNLN : Took Nothing. Left Nothing. Term by geocachers who do not trade for material contents in a cache.
  • TNLNSL/TNSL : Took Nothing. Left Nothing. Signed Logbook / Took Nothing. Signed Logbook.
  • AFK : Away From Keyboard. As this is not a common geocaching term, it is one you will find a lot with our series as we have adopted this acronym as our name.
  • ..for a more detailed listing reference:

What am I looking for?

Most of our containers are featured in the image below, however from time to time we do switch it up with something else..


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